Other Projects

The Starry Night (Single)

Original song written by Thomas F. Arnold and performed by Mickey Jo Boucher and Beth Clarence. The song was featured as part of Sit In The Stalls’ ‘New Year, New Songs, New Writers’ series.

The Age of Fear

Travel documentary made by the British Backpacker Society exploring war-torn Crimea. Tom contributed music to this series.


Short film written and directed by Emma Catalfamo, produced by Amy Lotherington. Kindling has been presented at several international film festivals and won a Remi Award at Worldfest Houston.

Kindling is the story of a strained relationship between a mother and her daughter. The story plays out over three separate times, as the child grows up and out of the shadow of her parent. The music is simple in its orchestration but complex in its harmony, lending itself to a main character who is both unsettled and isolated.

British Made

Feature film written and directed by Simon Rickards, produced by Godiva Films. British Made won Best Film at the South Film and Arts Academy Festival and the New York City International Reel Film Festival.

Tom wrote music for a series of initial shorts used to pitch the film, produced by Akash Beri. The percussion gives a sense of relentless pursuit, while the piano lays a statement over the top.

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